Plan Your Visit

Providence River Animal Hospital Front Desk


Thank you for choosing Providence River Animal Hospital (PRAH)!  We look forward to meeting you and ensuring that your pets are happy and healthy.


If this is your first visit to PRAH, please bring the following items with you to your appointment:


PRAH New Client Form (Copies are also available for completion in the office).  Please be sure to note on this form any specific physical symptoms your pet is experiencing along with any changes in behavior, appetite or activity level.


Records or Paperwork from any Previous Veterinarians or Place of Adoption. If you do not have these records, please bring the name and phone number of the clinic where your pet was most recently examined.


Fecal Sample. A fecal sample allows PRAH to check for intestinal parasites. Please bring a fresh sample, no more than 24 hours old.


For the safety and comfort of all, cats should be transported to appointments in a carrier and dogs should be leashed.


If you have any questions about your visit,

please don’t hesitate to call us at 401-274-PRAH!